Anchors in the cableway, the key to success in agricultural transport

These fundamental pieces are the key to guarantee an efficient and safe transport system in the management of agricultural harvest on farms using the cableway.

Anchors for cableway

Function of the anchorage in the cableway

Imagine a cableway as a vital system that connects crops with processing or storage points. The anchors, as their name indicates, are the elements in charge of securing and firmly holding the cables of these structures. They act as solid points that resist the stress generated by the load and the constant movement of the crop. The main function of the anchors is to provide stability and security to the agricultural transport system.

Importance of a good anchor

The quality of the anchors is not a minor detail; in fact, it is crucial to the success of the farming operation. Having a good anchor provides a series of benefits that will make a difference on a day-to-day basis:

  • Safety and reliability: The robust anchors guarantee the integrity of the cableway system, avoiding the risk of collapses or unexpected falls. The safety of equipment and valuable crops is paramount to the success of your business.
  • Strength and Durability: A good anchor is designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions. Having a reliable anchorage system will provide the peace of mind of having a solid and resistant infrastructure over time.
  • Increased Efficiency: Well-designed and properly installed anchors allow for smooth, fluid movement of the cableway. This translates into a significant improvement in transportation and harvest handling times, which translates into greater productivity for the crop.

Type of anchors and uses

At garruchastoro we basically manufacture 3 types of anchors:

  • End post
  • Simple terminal tower
  • Double terminal tower

End post

End post for cableway

It is the simplest anchor, there are 2 versions, one for heavy work such as oil palm and another for light work such as bananas, cut grass, flowers, among others. When the trolleys reach this point, they end the journey.

Simple terminal tower

This type of anchor is basically used when there is little space, the anchor cannot be installed outside the block/lot and the trolleys must continue their journey to connect with another cable line or other element such as curves, transfer or cross roads.

Terminal tower for cableway

Double terminal tower

Double terminal tower for cableway

When 2 parallel cables must be anchored in the same space and the characteristics of the simple terminal tower are met (little space).

Catálogo de garruchas y cable vías

By clicking on the following image, you can download our updated parts catalog for trolleys and cableways.

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