Banana Trolley: Efficient Transportation for Banana Cultivation

In the world of agriculture, efficiency in the transportation of products is key to guaranteeing the quality and freshness of food. In the case of bananas, a crop of great economic importance in several countries, different methods are used to transport the bunches from the field to the packing houses. One of the most used systems is the banana trolley, which allows safe and efficient transportation of banana bunches.

banana trolley for banana transportation on cableway

How is banana transported within the crop?

cableway and banana trolley

The transportation of bananas within the crop is carried out mainly through the use of trolleys and cableways. These trolleys do not intervene in the process of cutting the plant cluster or in its transport to the cable; rather, once the bunch has been cut by the workers, it is taken to the cableway to be transported safely and efficiently to the collection site.

What is via cableway?

Cableway is an aerial transportation system used in the field to move products from one place to another quickly and safely.

It consists of a steel cable that extends across the field and is supported by cable arches.

The trolleys move along the cable, which are devices that roll on the cable and allow the banana bunches to be transported from one end of the field to the other.

banana trolley

What benefits does the use of cableway bring in the field?

cableway and banana trolley

The use of cableway in the field brings several benefits. One of the main ones is that it allows faster and more efficient transportation of products, which reduces harvest times and increases productivity.

Furthermore, by raising banana bunches above the ground, the risk of damage to the fruits is reduced, which translates into better quality of the final product.

What is banana cultivation like?

Banana cultivation is a process that requires special care to guarantee good production. It is grown in tropical and subtropical areas, where the climate is warm and humid.

The banana reproduces through offspring that grow around the mother plant and that are separated from it to be transplanted to new plots.

Once planted, bananas take approximately 9 months to mature and be ready for harvest.


What references of banana trolley exist for transporting bananas?

banana trolley

In the market there are different references of banana trolley for transporting bananas. At FTR we manufacture the garruchastoro brand, which are characterized by being robust and easy to maintain.

The maintenance-free trolley and the morroca trolley stand out, both designed to guarantee safe and efficient transportation of banana bunches.

How many banana bunches are harvested per hectare on average in Colombia?

In Colombia, one of the main banana producers worldwide, an average of around 1,200 bunches of bananas are harvested per hectare.

This number can vary depending on factors such as soil type, climate, and agricultural practices used in cultivation.

cableway for banana

How many bunches are transported in each banana trolley train?

Each train of trolleys can transport between 20 and 25 bunches of bananas, depending on the size and weight of the bunches.

This system allows efficient transportation of the bunches from the field to the packing house, where they are selected and prepared for marketing.

cableway in packing house for banana

In summary, the banana trolley is an efficient and safe transportation system that is used in banana cultivation to guarantee the quality and freshness of the bunches.

With the use of technologies such as cableway and products such as trolleys, the work of farmers is facilitated and highquality banana production is ensured.

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