Sand Casting
dumbbells reborn
Sand casting
Cable vía – garruchastoro
Design, manufacture and installation of systems to handling and conveyor agricultural harvest
Garruchas – garruchastoro
For light and heavy duty
Mancuernas reborn
dumbbells, plates, kettlebells and multifunctional
Sand casting
Cable vía - garruchastoro
Garruchas - garruchastoro
Mancuernas reborn
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Fundiciones Toro Ramírez: our brands

FTR cableways
Green sand casting contributes to the industrial sector, which requires the production of pieces with specific designs to assemble their final products, whether they are unique items or mass production, through the casting of gray iron, aluminum and bronze.
garruchastoro cableways
Garruchas TORO, supports the agricultural sector, who demands to optimize harvest management, to achieve high levels of productivity and quality in the cultivation of bananas, flowers, oil palm, avocados, cattle pasture, citrus, among others, through transport in field with cableways and trolleys.
Reborn complements athletes, who want to perform bodybuilding workouts at home to achieve their health and wellness goals, thanks to the manufacture of dumbbells, kettlebells, 1″ bar plates and multifunctional equipment.


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