How to install cableway arches

In this blog, we will explain our arches installation method in a simple, practical and agile way. At the end of the process, your metal arch for cableway should look similar to the image on this blog.

Metalic cable arch - garruchastoro

Our cableway systems use metal arches during their route in order to correct the catenary of the cable and distribute the load between all the arches, thus managing to convey, in light work cables, trains of up to 1,000Kg and in heavy work of more than 4,000Kg.

Please note that all of our items are designed for 7/16″ cable.

Step – by – step

Step 1

In our telephone service lines, email, WhatsApp line and/or online contacto form ( acquire the required elements, each arch uses the following parts:

  • Metal arch (define according to light or heavy duty load): 1 (one) unit
Base plate and wedge - garruchastoro

1. Metal base plate2 (two) units

2. Wedge (grey iron + steel): 2 (two) units

Cable arch kit to cableway - garruchastoro

3. Clamp for cable hanger: 1 (one) unit

4. Cotter pin for cable hanger: 1 (one) unit

5. Cable Hanger for metal acrh (use 5/8″ for light duty and 3/4″ for heavy duty): 1 (one) unit

6. Double clip complete (with bolts and nuts): 1 (one) unit

Step 2

Metal cable arch

Once you have the cable extended and tensioned, project the line of the cable on the ground to find the center of the arches, and then, with the help of a flexometer, mark, on the ground, the points where the ends of the arch will be located. , an opening of 1.6 meters is ideal; however, depending on the space conditions and the type of load to be transported, it could be up to 1.2 meters.

Step 3

At the points marked in step 2, make 2″ holes, with a depth of approximately 40cm or 50cm.

The concrete plates have dimensions of approximately 20cm x 20cm x 10cm.

Next, place the perforations carefully so as not to close or obstruct them, in the following order: concrete plate – base plate – arch base, keep the wedges nearby for the next step.

Concrete slab, base plate and wedge - garruchastoro

Step 4

Cable arch kit to cableway - garruchastoro

Level the arch with respect to the ground and install the elements of the upper part (clamp, cable hanger, cotter pin), supporting the cable on the hanger.

Once the final position is defined, install with the help of a hammer the wedges in the base of step 3 and then secure the double clip with its supplied bolts and nuts.

Step 5

Once you have installed the tower, mark a spacing of a maximum of 10 meters for light work and between 6 and 8 meters for heavy work, depending on load and terrain conditions to repeat the process with the next tower.

Cable archs for cableway - garruchastoro

Spare part catalog

Each project is unique, with specific product handling, transportation flow and capacity requirements.

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