The Most Beautiful Flowers to Celebrate Mother’s Love: A Guide to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that invites us to express our love and gratitude towards the most important women in our lives. In Colombia, this celebration is filled with color and fragrance thanks to the tradition of giving flowers. But have you ever wondered which flowers are best suited for this special day?

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Which flower is best to give on Mother’s Day?

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In Colombia, Mother’s Day is celebrated with a variety of floral arrangements that symbolize love, care and respect.

Carnations and roses top the list, being favorites for their beauty and meaning. Astromelias, with their diversity of colors and hardiness, are also a popular choice, representing friendship and eternal love.

What flower represents mother’s love?

The pink carnation is emblematic of a mother’s unconditional love.

Its soft texture and delicate aroma make this flower a perfect gift to convey affection and admiration.

On the other hand, roses, especially those in pastel tones, are a classic that never fails to express maternal love.

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What type of flower is grown in Colombia for Mother’s Day?

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Colombia, known for its ideal climate and fertile land, grows a wide range of flowers for this occasion.

In addition to carnations and roses, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas are cultivated with passion by Colombian flower growers, who prepare their crops for Mother’s Day with special care and dedication.

To which countries does Colombia export its flowers for Mother’s Day?

Colombian floriculture is a national pride and an important economic engine.

Colombian flower adorn homes around the world, with the United States being the main destination.

However, countries like Canada, Japan and several in Europe also import these natural beauties to celebrate mothers.

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How many stems are expected to be exported in 2024 for Mother’s Day?

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In 2024, Colombia is expected to export more than 700 million stems, a testament to the growth and strength of the country’s flower industry.

This volume not only reflects the quality of Colombian flowers but also the tradition and love that is put into each bouquet.

How do trolleys and cableways support crops for flowers management in the field?

cableway for flowers

Innovation in the field does not stop, and tools such as trolleys and cableways play a crucial role. These systems allow efficient handling of flowers, from harvesting to preparation for export.

The standard trolley, for example, is a solution that reduces costs and work time, ensuring that flowers arrive fresh and beautiful at their destination.


In short, Mother’s Day in Colombia is a celebration that extends beyond borders, with flower like carnations and roses symbolizing the unconditional love of a mother.

The country’s flower industry, supported by innovations such as trolelys and cableways, allows this love to manifest itself in the form of beautiful floral arrangements that adorn homes around the world, reaffirming the eternal bond between mothers and children and the beauty of the gratitude that we owe them.

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