marked pulleys for trolleeys - garruchastoro
Pulleys for trolleys - garruchastoro
Trolleys - garruchastoro
Trolleys - garruchastoro
Trolleys - garruchastoro
Trolleys - garruchastoro
Trolleys - garruchastoro
Ruedas marcadas para garruchas – garruchastoro
Custom pulleys
Ruedas para garruchas – garruchastoro
We are manufacturers
Garruchas – garruchastoro
High resistance
Garruchas – garruchastoro
Own designs
Garruchas – garruchastoro
Garruchas – garruchastoro
Constant production
Garruchas – garruchastoro
Attention to detail
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The trolleys (transport equipment), are the mobile element that travels on the cableway, with the appropriate accessory, they convey the bananas, plantains, flowers, oil palm fruit, cut grass, citrus, avocado, fish, agricultural harvest, material for construction, among others.

In integration with our foundry line, FTR, we produce the pulleys for the trolleys in a personalized way. We are the unique company that offers, at no additional cost, the possibility of marking the pulley of the trolleys in high relief.


  • Morroca type trolley.
  • Maintenance free trolley.
  • Semi-heavy duty trolley.
  • Heavy duty trolley.

Download our catalog by clicking on the image:imag

Spare parts catalog for cableways and trolleys


  • Our trolleys are fully repairable.
  • Complete catalog of spare parts for maintenance.
  • Extensive export experience.
  • Efficient production control.
  • Own brand spare parts.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • We manufacture the appropriate accessories to form the transport equipment, including:
    • Mesh for oil palm
    • Spacers
    • Tray holders.
    • Bucket holder.
    • Grass baskets.


  • Pulleys
  • Hook
  • Locked chain
  • Platens
  • Screws
  • Bearings
  • Steel balls
  • Rear hub cup
  • Nuts
  • Spring washer
  • Cotter pin
  • Lock pin
  • Hexagon cone
  • Stepped bushing (threaded and plain)
Heavy duty trolley - garruchastoro

benefits of garruchastoro

We are manufacturers - garruchastoro


The production of our trolleys begins in the foundry plant of the FTR line, then, in the metal machining and transformation plant, we produce and assemble each reference.

We offer, free of charge, marking in high relief, with up to 10 digits, the pulleys of the trolleys.

Our pulleys are made of gray iron, to protect the cable.

Trolleys maintenance - garruchastoro


Having the transport equipment (trolleys) in optimal conditions is a key factor for crop productivity.

We have a complete catalog of spare parts for the total repair of our trolleys.

advisory - garruchastoro


Choosing the right trolley, based on the weight and type of harvest to be transported, is key.

Our team of advisers performs a constant accompaniment, to choose the correct trolleys and spare parts for each specific need.

return of investment - garruchastoro


The character of manufacturers allows us to control raw material and production efficiently.

Having a complete catalog of positions generates logistical efficiencies, since we offer all the spare parts for the repair of trolleys.

Type of trolleys

Morroca type trolley - garruchastoro


  • Ideal for transporting bananas and plantains.
  • Greasable wheel system.
  • Assembled with 1/2″ hook.
  • Load capacity: 50Kg.
Maintenance free trolley - garruchastoro

Maintenance free

  • Ideal for transporting bananas, plantains and flowers.
  • TORO brand 6201 2RS sealed bearing system.
  • Assembled with 1/2″ hook (banana and plantain) and 9/16″ for flowers.
  • Loading capacity:
    • Hook 1/2″: 50Kg
    • Hook 9/16″: 60Kg
Heavy duty trolley - garruchastoro

Heavy duty

  • Ideal for oil palm and cut grass.
  • TORO brand 6301 2RS sealed bearing system.
  • Made with high resistance elements.
  • Load capacity 90Kg
Semi-heavy trolley hook - garruchastoro

Semi-heavy duty

  • Ideal for bananas and flowers.
  • Widely used in Central America.
  • The crosshead design prevents the cluster spacers from coming out.
  • Load capacity: 60Kg

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